Friday, 16 March 2012

Just a bit about me

Hi guys!
I’m not super brilliant at introductions. Here’s a small collection of my work for you to look at while I try to come up with something to say.

Okay. Mind if I continue? Cool.
Boring and necessary things first: my name is Monica and I talk a lot. I’m a 20-year-old university student from Sydney, Australia who you will often find on public transport scribbling away in a sketchbook or absorbed in a science-fiction novel as she makes her way to and from uni. Or in a park somewhere. I like parks. On days when I’m actually at home (because a lot of my time is spent at uni, work and on public transport), I like to paint and play the piano (I sometimes do uni work but I often find myself pulling all-nighters to get assignments done no matter how much I work in the lead up to an assignment due date). I should mention now that I'm also a music student as well as an art student. The brilliant thing is that I study Art Education at uni, which means my practice as an artist isn’t wholly lost because it is actually an essential part to my degree and I have reason to do so without it looking too much like I’m avoiding homework. Neat.

I don't quite know how long I've been interested in art. Since forever sounds pretty accurate so we'll go with that. My parents have always encouraged my artmaking. I'm from a pretty creative, arty family which has really always inspired me to create. Up until the age of 16 I was pretty much all about drawing. Coloured pencils, oil pastels, pen, chalk, charcoal, wax crayons. I love them so much. But give me a box of Derwent graphite pencils and I would be the happiest kid out (they are still my favourite drawing medium and one of my favourite smells in the whole world is the smell of a fresh new box of Derwent graphite pencils). I didn’t start painting seriously (acrylic scribbles on MDF board and crappy paper as a school project didn’t really count to me, I’ll be honest) until my Year 11 Visual Arts teacher told me to apply for a HSC short course in painting at the National Art School in Sydney. Thank goodness for that suggestion, I say. Clearly Ms Wood knew I was a painter before I did. I fell in love with painting at NAS and haven’t looked back since (I still draw but it’s now second to my painting practice and my god, even my love of painting has transferred itself to drawing and my coloured drawings often look more like paintings than drawings. It’s just bizarre. I told you I talk a lot. Waffle, waffle, waffle).

I’ve always loved portraits. Humans. Faces. Expressions. Emotions. I am so drawn to them. My favourite artists are primarily portrait artists and my favourite paintings are all portraits. I tend to paint them more than anything else. This is generally what you will see when I eventually start posting my own work. I mean, okay, so sometimes I paint little watercolours of landscapes or cityscapes for Dad, but I generally consider myself a portrait artist (and a student). I work mostly with acrylics but have recently started discovering the wonder of watercolours, gouache and coloured ink and, to a lesser extent, oil paints (of which I’m not yet fond of because they don’t suit the way I work but I’m going to have to give them another shot before I judge them so harshly. I mean at least they smell good. Plus one for the oils there because I’ve never known an acrylic paint to smell as wonderful as that).

I started this blog as a means of documenting my practice and trying to make a name for myself in the art world. It is, in short, my public, online visual arts diary. I will be posting photos and discussions of my own complete works and works in progress (which from now on will be referred to as WIPs) and scribbles in my art diaries, and I will also be writing about my practice, which will include stuff about artworks and artists who inspire me, other sources of inspiration that may seem less obvious, materials that I use in my artmaking, art products I buy on a whim, things I learn at uni, gallery and exhibition visits, and the – very rare – time lapse video of paintings/drawings I do. Plus anything that doesn’t quite fit but is still art related.
I won’t write too much else here because I’ll eventually end up mentioning things in detail when I start posting things. So for now I’ll just say hello
Peace, love and jellybeans,

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