Monday, 14 May 2012

WIP: Celestine

Graphite, gouache, watercolour and gold acrylic on bristol paper

I started Celestine a while ago while I was between assignments and actually had time to spare. I'm not big on female figures but I think I was on a bit of a Klimt and Mucha high at the time so I guess I started her in response to that. I find the female figure a bit of a challenge to get right. It kind of shows really. Still, she's still rather angular for a woman. Not to mention her hips are wonderfully full. I've been neglecting my poor sketchbooks and paints for so long and I feel so bad about it. I decided to do a little more work on Celestine tonight rather than write up assessment criteria for a unit of work I'm currently writing for a curriculum assignment (which isn't much fun, to be honest). I really feel like I need to show this sketchbook a bit more love because it is full of beautiful Strathmore bristol vellum paper and it's not being used. There are so many things I need to draw and paint and I have so little time for it all.

There are all kinds of things I could talk about but alas, I need sleep (because I've been deprived of that privilege for a few weeks). I've got a museum studies lecture at 9am tomorrow and I'm quite fond of the class so if you don't mind me, I'll be out of here.

Good night!

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