Monday, 11 June 2012

Meet Tim

First, I apologise profusely for the Instagram photo but I haven't taken a proper photo on a proper camera yet and there's no daylight right now. But I'm just so excited I had to post this.

This is 'Tim'. He was one of eight portraits I painted for my Year 12 HSC Visual Arts Body of Work back in 2009. The body of work was a series of portraits of my favourite musicians. My portrait of Tim Minchin was my favourite right from the beginning.

I have two artworks that I would consider my best work. Both of them are called Tim. I consider them to be my best work not only because the finished products are beautiful, but because the processes which I went through to create them really do show how much I am willing to push myself with my career as an artist. More than anything, this Tim and my drawing of Tim Rogers really encompass me as an artist. This painting was a labour of love. Six months of planning, sketching, scribbling, working out composition and materials, actual painting, mental and emotional breakdowns, mistakes and misfortunes, changing, waiting and everything else resulted in this work. Lord knows if it is evident to anyone else. But this painting is, in a lot of ways, a self-portrait. Before this, I had never put so much of myself into anything I ever created. But I grew a connection with this work and he became something of a friend in dark times. I always refer to him as if he were a real person. Everyone who knows me well enough knows this. This was when I started referring to my works by their first names, treating them like people, understanding their characteristics and feelings and likes and dislikes. I would know if a particular shade of green wasn't working for Tim, that the warped Scream-eqsue style suited him better than perfectly proportioned facial features. I just knew these things. Hours were spent making sure those eyes were perfect, that the shadows of his eyelashes were correct, that his hair looked wild enough. I just immersed myself in this work. As I said, he was a friend in such dark times. I never had to explain anything to him, I could just sit and paint and enjoy his company. It's often dangerous to get this deeply involved in the artist process, but this painting kept me going. It gave me something to work for and it helped me learn a lot about myself as a person and as an artist.

I don't know if that made sense. It probably just made me sound like a crazy person. But I'm an artist so that's okay. We're all a little mad in some way or another.

It's impossible to accurately describe what this painting means to me and what it means to see him framed and up on my wall. It has been a huge process. This is one of my greatest achievements to date and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

Tim is painted using acrylics on unprimed cardboard.

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  1. Wow, that is awesome!!
    I love Tim Minchin, and your painting skills are incredible!