Sunday, 3 February 2013

Making paint!

Remember last year how I quit uni? Well I'm officially a uni student again! And I'm actually excited for this. I will be an art history major and I'm taking a few classes in chemistry too so it'll put me on the right path towards further studies in art restoration and conservation. I'm excited to start learning more art history because it's been something that has been missing from my studies for a few years now and I think it's one of the most important parts of my practice as an artist. So yes, very keen to start proper research, essays, critiques and you name it. Chemistry on the other hand is starting to freak me out. I'm taking a course to help me get ready for it because I really haven't done anything science-related since year 10 (and even then it's not like I listened much). So at the moment I'm frantically reading up on chemistry introduction notes and preparing myself for a very intense semester. But I'm excited nevertheless and it's always good to learn new things. I'd really like to know more about the science behind art and I'm hoping this will be nice place to start that.

Speaking of the science of art, last month my Mum and I went into the city to visit Parkers in The Rocks to get my late 21st birthday present from her and Dad: a glass muller and slab and a couple of dry pigments. This year I will be learning how to make my own paint! I'm really super duper keen to start mixing paint right now but I've got to get the makeshift spare room studio sorted out and some other essentials (mainly proper masks, gloves and eyewear) sorted out first. I also need to invest in a good quality refined linseed oil. After a conversation with the guy at the store I decided that oil paints were probably the best place to start. I'll just skip the whole egg tempera thing and make oils. I'm hoping I'll develop a love for actually painting with oils once I start to make my own because I've painted with them a few times and I've never been that keen. I guess knowing that I made the paint myself will make it a much more beautiful process. Look, if I really could I would actually harvest flax, gather the seeds and make my own linseed oil but that's just not possible. So I'll stick to sourcing out the good stuff and turning it into paint! 

Here are some photos of my new paint making things! They are so pretty!

So that's it! I don't know if anyone reads my blog or not but if you've had any experience in making paint or just feel like leaving a comment then I'd be more than happy to hear from you!

I'm working on a few things at the moment so I'll post them soon.

Peace, love and jellybeans,

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