Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lovely people, lovely faces

Hey guys,
So I'm back at uni now, coming into week 5 of semester 2 so assignments are piling up left right and centre. This means I can't really paint all that much. But luckily an A5 sketchbook fits in my impossibly packed backpack and I can whip it out whenever I like to do some drawing. I've needed to get my drawing skills back up to scratch so it's worked out nicely. I draw on the train, at lunch times, maybe sometimes during lectures (though I shouldn't!) and when I'm chilling out in the park. Lots of portraits, lots of bees.
Some wonderful friends of mine have been so nice and let me draw their lovely faces. It's nice to be able to draw people you know rather than just pictures of actors and musicians. The works become something a little more personal and you have to work harder to make sure you capture them perfectly.
I'll be posting three works today but keep your eyes open for more later on. For now here's Dale, Hattie and Victoria. All drawn with HB and 4B graphite pencils and white charcoal and pastel on Strathmore toned tan paper.

As for everything else, my art history class this semester is French Art of the 18th century (!!!) and we're currently learning organic chem in chemistry. I'm hoping there will be some inorganic chemistry later on in the semester because that would be insanely useful in understanding pigments and dyes. I've also dabbled in a bit of paint making and gotten the muller and slab out and whipped up some caput mortum oil paint. I think it went okay but I'll have to give it a bit more practice when I have time. There's also a youth exhibition happening next year which my friend has organised and I'll be submitting a whole pile of my bee artworks. It's turning out to be a really nice collection so I'll make another post about that later on.
Right now though I must get back to my geopolitics essay. So enjoy these little drawings (apologies for the Instgram but it's all I have right now!) and give me a holla if you want to ask me something or just say nice things (or constructive criticism, which goes a hell of a long way, especially since I know I cannot draw females very well so please throw any helpful tips my way!).

Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. I just want to say that you are incredibly talented AND you have captured my eyes perfectly. Impressed by you, as always xxx