Friday, 4 October 2013

'Honey Bee'

This week was pretty huge. My precious little honeybees have been buzzing about a little gallery at the University of Sydney!
The University of Sydney Art and Photo Societies hosted an exhibition for students across the university, giving us the opportunity to showcase our works at the Verge Gallery on campus. A friend of mine had mentioned this in my Geopolitics lecture a few weeks before and suggested I submit my work for consideration so I decided to pluck up the courage and do so. A few days later I received an email saying that my work would be part of the exhibition. This was incredible because I've never had work displayed in a gallery before. I'm so grateful to the guys from the Fine Arts Society for giving me this opportunity. This is a big thing for me.
So the opening night was on Monday the 30th. There were lots of beautiful works on display and it was so great to see that students from all different faculties were exhibiting their work and it was so great to be surrounded by so much talent. Exhibition opening nights are good like that. Fun, inspiring and full of free beer. What more could you want in life?
My parents and lot of my friends came along that night to show their support and many friends (and my awesome big bro!) popped in during the week to check it out. So many people sent me messages during the week to tell me how proud they were and how much they loved the work. I'm truly overwhelmed with happiness and love right now. Honey Bee is an incredibly special work for me and I'm just so happy that the people in my life that I love more than anything were able to see them and enjoy them. It means the world to me.
I would like to share the work with you guys too. I'll include my artist statement and a couple of photos from the actual exhibition too.

Beeswax, gold leaf, acrylic, polymer clay, PVC, markers
and natural flowers in glass

Honey Bee 
A series of work celebrating the complex and beautiful life of the bee. 
By Monica Renn 
A little book called The Life of the Bee by Maurice Maeterlinck inspired the creation of this work. The humble little honeybee is a small creature but it has such a rich, complex, significant and beautiful life. It is small but it does big things, creates beautiful things and is a beautiful thing. This is what inspires me. Having gone for so long believing that I was not worthy, not significant, not beautiful, too complex to connect, this wonderful insight into the life of the bee brought warmth and happiness to my heart. It made me realise that no matter how complex you are, no matter how small, you are significant, you can do great things and you are beautiful. 
Bee happy. 


This series of work means the world to me. It's not finished, I don't think it ever will be. It'll just be a thing I'll add to over years and years throughout my practice. There are so many ideas buzzing around in my mind that I need to put into action and I can guarantee you that the collection you see here is just the beginning of something incredible. I've entered them in a couple of other art exhibitions and prizes so we'll see where things go, hey?

As for right now though, I've got some 18th century French art to write about so I'm going to get a wriggle on with that. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be writing again soon. 

From your queen bee,

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  1. The whole exhibition is absolutely beautiful, and it's such an interesting subject. So overwhelmingly pleased for you :)