Sunday, 6 April 2014

I draw things for Honi Soit

Hey everyone!
So semester 1, 2014 is now in full swing. I've got lab reports due every week, essays on Renaissance maiolica and French art due soon and a piano exam to practice for. I also scored a sweet gig doing illustrations for the University of Sydney weekly student newspaper, Honi Soit. It's all the art I've been doing lately, besides the odd resin bangle here and there when I'm procrastinating from doing actual productive things. My digital camera has gone walkabouts but I have a few Instagram shots of my work in the publication and one has been published online too, which you can find here.


This week (week 6) I'll have a drawing on the cover. So I'm pretty chuffed. It's great exposure and the team at Honi is great to work with. I've had great feedback from both the editors and readers.
In other news, I need to finish condensing five weeks worth of organic chemistry notes so I can finish this assessment task and have an early night. I have very little else to report on besides the fact that I prefer epoxy resin over polyester resin and that the structure of cyclohexane is really cool.
If anyone is in the Campbelltown region of Sydney, swing by the Arts Centre to check out Illuminate. Lots of cool arts, including the sculptures from my Honey Bee series, and an artist forum on the 12th of April.

Until time permits me to write another entry,

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