Monday, 28 April 2014

I drew a thing for the front cover of Honi Soit

So in week 6 my drawing was featured on the cover of the USyd weekly student newspaper. You know what's weird? Seeing 5000 copies of this floating around campus. It's insane. I've not seen my work reproduced and distributed that widely since my Doctor Who charm bracelet found its way around the internet.

This is a drawing of the famous Quad building at the University of Sydney. I've drawn it as accurately as possible, even making sure that the number of window panes was accurate. There is also a lion, the university mascot, in the flames just to the left of the clock tower. I drew it with Copic Multiliners and Markers, Prismacolor Premier pencils and added highlights with Winsor & Newton white gouache. And obviously scanned into Photoshop and fixed up any little blemishes to ready it for printing.

Also I got so excited I had to take a photo and Instagram it on the train to be a little braggy about it. But come on! I had my drawing published on the front page of Honi Soit! That's so cool!

This week I've got two illustrations - one for the feature article and one little cutesy pun drawing for a smaller article. Naturally this is taking up any time I have left for creative endeavours because all my other time is otherwise being devoted to chemistry, art history, piano and work. But I like this illustration gig. It's fun working with the editors each week and it's nice knowing that I'm drawing things that are going to make it out of my sketchbook and into the world. Win win!

Next post will most likely feature a cake that I made from my brother's 21st birthday and some nonsense about chemistry.

Hugs and chocolate drops!

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